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Many people ask me why I named my website ‘pyramidkey?

This has such a long answer to it that to try and boil it down to just one or two simple facts would undermine the whole process.

Within my blog, The Living Pyramid, I am going to write the story of how I developed my creative work over the years and how I came to notice that I was often subconsciously using the model of the pyramid as an inner pattern.

Blog: The Living Pyramid
Part 43: More notes on the narration and on the meaning of 'Time'
Part 43: More notes on the narration and on the meaning of

The sixteen sections of the film in triangle code

Sections: 1-3 Space to wind
4-8 wind to fire
9-12 fire to earth
13-14 earth to water
15 water to space

Sections 1-8 represent movement resulting in heating, whereas sections 9-15 suggest the opposite flow, therefore heating into melting. At section 8, the force of the downward and upward movements pushing against each other in the sections that overlap so that neither can move results in stillness, create a union energy of both forces combined.

This position is both the apex of the layout and the centre of the film.

I then started filling in the sixty-four instances of narration in turn according to the designated numbered pattern of the narration sections 1-5, retaining meticulously the plan of the colour narration at hand.

For I wanted the subject matter to flow, but with the essential vibration of the journey of the five elements to their pure unadulterated nature embedded within.

In this way, the subject matters (as the elements) and their level of consciousness (as the kayas) would flow in a circle, never stopping and brooding on one point.

Numbers receded into the dark as they became an ordered presentation of information working on all levels of the mind, but the downside was that the resultant narration became a little like a director’s commentary.

I would say now that writing a narration in this way was rather methodical, but somehow it gave it a necessary foundation of logic, nothing that a good edit could not transform into a something rather more interesting and balanced.

More Notes on the meaning of Time

The most precious gift of time is to live each moment with the bounteous qualities of the heart, manifest; the clarity aspect of the nature, manifest; without adjustment, without make-up, the guru nature, manifest; everywhere and in everyone.

The most precious offering of life is to give each moment to the bounteous qualities of the heart, manifest; the clarity aspect of the nature, manifest; everywhere and in everyone.

What more to do !

Instead of seeing the manifestation, you stay with the source of the manifestation at the root of its being, then whatever arises is just an expression of the source, the source that enjoys such intimacy with its manifest being.

So it sees that source, the wisdom of its empty nature appearing through the eyes of beings, that ever watch the display of wisdom all around, wisdom inseparably united with its compassionate nature. As it realises the empty nature of its being, compassion cannot help but arise as the realisation of itself takes place.

(This blog will be continued in June 2012, til then...!)

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